Praise Party | First Fridays | London | #PraisePartyUK

Praise Party | First Fridays | London | #PraisePartyUK


Praise Party NYE??!! What’s the plan for 2017?

Hey Praise Party Family!

It’s been a while, we hope you are well! We’ve really missed Praise Partying with you 🎉

So, why has the PP team been so quiet?

The Praise Party team has been on the hunt for a new venue! Plus, we have all been so very busy with our own individual projects and have also had to overcome some personal challenges

As we are sure you can imagine a lot of work goes into planning every every party and we wont do it unless we can give it our all.

Is there a NYE party?

Sadly no. We are committed to always bringing you the best. If we can’t plan and deliver the best party in the best venue its not Praise Party UK! With some of the team out of action we had to prayerfully make the difficult decision not to go ahead this time.

When is the next Praise Party?

We have super awesome plans for 2017. We passionately believe in the God given vision for Praise Party and so we are working on improving our infrastructure to ensure that we make PP bigger, better and more sustainable next year, so watch this space!!

We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for…

…here are some of the highlights!

In our first year nearly 1000 of you came through the doors of our 7 Praise Parties. We brought you 23 inspirational live guest artists and 7 Christian DJs. We drank hundreds of cups of Praise Party Punch, made dozens of new connections and friendships and a few PP romances (secret sources suggest a PP marriage is coming soon ❤️) all this whilst praising God in the dance! Glory to God 🙌

Thank You!

Artists, volunteers, group leaders and patrons, we cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support.

We want to wish you all a Blessed and Happy New Year and we can’t wait to Praise Party with you in 2017🙏🏽

Keep praising him the dance!

DJ Kelechi and the Praise Party Team.


Praise his name in the dance (Ps 149:3)

“Great way to start the New Year!! Big blessings to Dj k and events team! 😘” (NYE 2016)