Praise Party | First Fridays | London | #PraisePartyUK

Praise Party | First Fridays | London | #PraisePartyUK

4th of March 2016

It Went Off With A BANG!

Praise Party Family…

So, Praise Party’s monthly club night launched on the 4th of March. We prepped and prepared, we built and packaged, we prayed and paid (ha), and it happened, rather successfully, to the glory of God.

To all of you who came…

We just firstly want to thank God for all those who bought tickets beforehand and those who paid on the door  – You came, you praised, you danced, you bought drinks and we hope you were thoroughly entertained. You were all absolutely amazing, so thank you all so much for coming. We hope to see you all again in the coming months.

marvelous pp

Doors opened just after 10pm and we had excited pre-turnt praise partiers queuing outside before doors even opened. We used the top floor of our purpose-built 2 floor club – the vibe was nice, the Shloer was cold and the DJs were ready to raise the roof… and they absolutely did raise the roof.

» Tickets to 1st April – Easter Edition

Performing on the night…

astar pp A Star did what he does best – spit bars!
A Star performed a few tracks from his chart topping, street anthem of an album and everybody loved it. When DFMB came on, A Star literally didn’t have to recite one lyric – “we all know it boo, take a seat, we got this” – everyone was rapping along to the banger of a song, as if A Star wasn’t even there.


lurine cato pp Lurine Cato absolutely killed it with her killer vocals. She performed her hit single, hitting notes that made the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. Not only did she sing but she also ministered, which was an absolute refreshing blessing in the middle of a club night.

Its all about the music…

The DJs played everything: hip hop, grime, raggae, afrobeats and house, classic jams and smooth grooves to a full room of budding party people. They did a great job, even though we were experiencing a few technical difficulties at the beginning with the sound. 5 hours of non-stop Christian bangers is what we asked from our DJs and 5 hours of non-stop Christian bangers is what we got! Yayyy!!!
Major shout out to DJ Kelechi, DJ Nadlox, DJ Selenki, DJ Tomiwa and DJ Tito Carles, ya’ll rock!

Final words…

It was a huge big leap of faith to make Praise Party a monthly club night. We weighed up everything – all the pros and the many cons – and we decided that if it’s good for God it’s good for us, if it advances the Kingdom, it’s an absolute go. If God be for us, who can be against us? right? For we know that all things work together for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So we did it! And we appreciate everyones support, faith and positive vibes.

We understand that a praise party and a Christian club night may be a difficult concept for many to understand… those who came on the 4th of March experienced it… if you’re still not quite sure… you should come to our next club night… Friday 1st April, its going to be lit!

We are getting bigger and better, the only way is up, watch this space.

» Get your tickets to the next Praise Party now!

» Get your tickets to the next Praise Party now!

And The Survey Says…

“I’ve never won anything ever in my whole life!”

Said no-one who fills out a Praise Party Survey!!!!

Because our heavenly Father is a giver – He gave His Son, and because Jesus is a giver – He gave Himself… We, the Praise Party Team, like to be givers also…

We wanted to get feedback from the Ultimate NYE Praise Party event so we could learn, grow and put on even better events next time, so we decided to create a survery, share with you all and give away some merchandise from one of partners Living Testimony as a way of saying thank you for contributing to the process.

We’re thankful for the responses and the following people have won a combination of Living Testimony apparel and tickets to our next Praise Party on the 4th of March.

Congratulations: Marvin Thompson, Chanade Rabess and Angela Hudson – we’ll be in touch very soon with your goodies.


We also just want to say a big THANK YOU for all of your continued support for the Praise Party movement, we promise to not let you down!


FREE Ticket Giveaway Winners

Praise Party Family…

So, we did a little cheeky giveaway on our Facebook page  to give away some free tickets to our next Praise Party… all people had to do was like the page, tag their photos from NYE, then share it… simple right?

Well.. We have 2 winners…who have each won 2 FREE tickets… Congratulations!!! See you on the 4th of March!

Congratulations to Pauline Ruenji and Congratulations to Andrew ‘keyboards’ B S!!


“Yes thank you guys so much my sister is a new convert and she loved the night. It was such a blessing to share that
night with her and for her to fully enjoy it.” (NYE 2016)